The US-Made Mission Workshop Axis Hip Pack Wraps Gear in Tech Features and Looks Good

The Axis hip pack from Mission Workshop is a simple, sturdy pack designed to carry just the right amount of trail gear.

Mission Workshop Axis Hip Pack

Today’s mtb hip pack market ranges from camel-like-capacity sacks, with suspenders and drink hoses, to simple pouches that hold just enough gear for a brief lunch spin. The Axis by Mission Workshop is on the lighter and simpler side of the spectrum, yet it’s built as sturdy as any.

This haul fit in the small pack, alongside a compact Sony a6300 camera that I shot the photo with. I highly recommend giving Einstein’s Dreams, by Alan Lightman, a slow read.

Given the variety of ways to keep tools, tubes, and CO2 on the bike today, I have found new uses for hip packs. The Axis pack is particularly convenient when I want to photograph friends riding or products that I am testing. It holds my camera, keys, wallet, phone, snacks, and the other bits I occasionally bring along. For larger photo sessions, with multiple lenses and a tripod, Mission Workshop has several stellar options that we will review in the future. Photophiles stay tuned.

The bag’s interior is as clutter-free as its exterior, with one zippered pocket and a robust key clip. The weather-resistant liner shares only a few seams with the outer shell, cutting the number of entry points for water and soil throughout the bag.

The Axis’s waist belt is adjustable on either side, with a robust clip-buckle to keep it secure. The belt is the correct thickness for the amount of weight the bag can hold and unless you are packing precious stones, it shouldn’t cut into your skin. It expands to 50″, and can be cinched down as tightly as you like. I did not have any issues with the belt loosening while riding, which is an improvement over similar hip-pack straps I have used.

The strap across the center is designed to store your mini U-Lock when commuting about town.

Four pairs of laser cut slats across the back allow you to attach the Axis to most Mission Workshops backpacks via their patented Arkiv clip system. There is a pocket in the back of the pack to hide the waist belt while it is attached to a backpack. A flexible insert across the back side of the pack keeps its contents from poking at your lumbar region.

photo: Jeff Barber
  • $185 – $225
  • Made in the USA
  • Weighs 242g
  • Internal volume: 2.5L
  • One internal zipped pocket, and key-ring clip
  • Mini U-Lock strap for commuting
  • “Weatherproof” materials: High Tenacity 500d nylon shell, TPU coated nylon liner
  • Coated YKK zipper for added weather protection
  • Can be securely attached to most of Mission Workshops’ backpacks
  • Available in black, gray, olive, or black camo.
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Buy from Mission Workshop

Final word

The folks at Mission Workshop are known for their fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality material selection. The Axis is no exception to that reputation. The bag’s robust design will keep it shedding mud as long as you are riding.

On the trail, the bag and belt stayed put, remained comfortable, and kept my gear drier and cleaner than my other hip-packs can. For shorter shreds, the Axis is a great way to bring along the goods.