The ShockPro App Tells You When It’s Time For MTB Suspension Service

The ShockPro app is like a "service engine" light for mountain bike suspension.

A new app by ShockPro and Dirt Labs, a suspension service center in Colorado, tells riders when their suspension needs servicing.

“We see it all the time — customers having no clue when their items were serviced last,” says Michael Luebemiser, the Dirt Labs founder.

The app, available for iPhone and Android, connects with Strava to track mileage against service intervals in ShockPro. Unfortunately the app must be paired with Strava; there is no way to manually enter mileage for riders who track the data in other ways.

Riders can also store suspension settings in the app like the amount of rebound, high and low speed compression, air pressure, and sag.

ShockPro allows users to choose the correct service intervals for a shock or fork, so it can be used across all brands of suspension. Multiple bikes, each with their own suspension components, can be tracked using the app.

Maintenance alerts can be set within the app so that when a user hits their service mark the app will send an email.

The app is pretty straightforward, runs smooth enough, and isn’t something you’ll get lost in. Pulling data from past rides, the app has already let me know that it’s time to service my air can, which I installed in April.

What the ShockPro app doesn’t tell you is the actual service interval for your suspension, so users will need to leaf through a manual to find the correct number to plug in. The same goes for suspension settings like rebound and compression, although those are necessary to note manually.

Personally, I’ve always tried to service my suspension, both shock and fork once per year, usually in spring before the season kicks off. This is not the most consistent, or recommended approach to servicing suspension. The ShockPro app seems like an easier way to keep track of when to actually swap out seals and oil, which is probably more often than many of us realize.

ShockPro is available now for free on the iPhone and Android app stores.