The New Bold Cycles LINKIN Trail Bike Offers Between 135 and 150mm of Rear Travel

The new LINKLN 29er from Bold Cycles is a carbon fiber do-most-of-it mountain bike with the Swiss brand’s integrated shock design. Mounting the shock just above the BB allows for a low-slung damper and water bottle to keep the grams close to the earth, and it also keeps the shock clean which potentially elongates service intervals. The new bike has a link inside that can be swapped to create 135 or 150mm of travel at the rear axle, paired with a 140 or 150mm fork respectively. Bold claims that the platform is poppy and responsive, designed “for the ambitious trail rider.”

In addition to all of the sleek-looking integration across these frames, there is an external flip-chip where riders can adjust the bike’s BB height by 6.3mm and an angle-adjust headset that allows for a 1° slacker to steeper lean. The frame has sag and bottom-out indicators so you don’t have to use x-ray vision to see how the shock is doing, and there’s a tool-stash under the downtube.

Integration doesn’t stop with the shock and cables.

There are two 135mm LINKIN models and two of the 150mm builds available, each with its own blend of high-end suspension and component specs. LINKIN 135 Ultimate builds will retail for €8,499 while the Pro build will go for €5,999. The longer 150 Ultimate sells for a cool €10,999, and the Pro long-travel version will go for €6,999. The bikes will be available in white or black and you should be able to pick one up in early 2022. Hit the Bold site for further details.