Transition Debuts Their Lightest Mountain Bike Yet With the 120mm Spur

The Transition Spur is a short travel 29er that looks poised for fun all-country mountain bike adventures.
Photos: Transition

Known for their race and party sleds, Transition Bikes has a surprise for mountain bikers with the new 120mm Spur trail bike. Designed for all manner of trail riding and shape throwing, the brand’s latest 29er has equal travel front and rear, with a carbon flex stay, one-piece rear triangle to eliminate the rear pivot weight and maintenance. The lightest complete builds are said to fight gravity at around 25lbs (11.3kg).

Though the Spur has some cross-country shapes and travel digits, its frame angles largely mirror long travel bikes from way back in 2018. With a 66° headtube angle, a tour-bus-length 480mm reach (size large), and average 435mm chainstays, this whip is ready to whip. Coupled with a low-rider 40mm bottom bracket drop between the 1219mm wheelbase (large), it looks like Transition is kicking the downcountry needle off an enduro country drop.

The full carbon frame is available in three builds, delineated by their SRAM GX, X01, and XX1 drivetrains. All three models come with the recently released RockShox SID suspension front and rear, and there is a 100mm option for folks who don’t need those extra 20 millimeters. Four pistons of SRAM G2 stopping power regulate speed, and a 50mm OneUp stem clamps their 800mm handlebar to point it all in the right direction. Across the size run these Spur frames wear the longest dropper posts possible, with a 120mm OneUp post on the small, 150mm for a medium, 180mm large, and a 210mm stick on XL bikes.

The Spur has space for a full size water bottle, with a second mount under the top tube to bolt up your spares.

On the suspension front, the Spur looks ready for whatever word you choose to place before country, whether it’s cross, marathon, stage, or pizza-party. “With nearly 30% of progression and a consistent linear rate of change, the Spur has an excellent balance of support and small bump sensitivity. Anti-squat is tuned to enhance pedaling performance and acceleration but doesn’t get in the way of the suspension working when it’s needed.” While the platform is titled “trail,” this bike should be a fantastic option for folks entering the venerated BC Bike Race or similarly trying events.

Click over to Transition Bikes for pricing and availability info.