The Gates Carbon Drive Chain Replacement


Tired of chain stretch, squeaky gears, and lube issues? Check out the Gates Carbon Drive drivetrain system – a carbon belt that replaces the standard chain drive on bikes. The belt is not compatible with standard cranks and sprockets so you’ll need to change those out as well but the advantages may outweigh the costs of retrofitting your ride.

So why go carbon? Gates claims the Carbon Drive belt doesn’t stretch over its lifetime like standard chains do which means it’s as effective on ride 1 as ride 50 – and it lasts about 2.5 times longer than most chains. The carbon belt is light too – just 80 grams compared to 300-400 grams for a standard chain. The Carbon Drive system is completely lubricant free and is equally as efficient as a normal chain. It’s also quiet – no more loud chain slap or clatter when bombing down the trail.


Early adopters of the Gates Carbon Drive include a couple Colorado mountain bike manufacturers – Spot and Maverick – and as the technology matures I’m sure we’ll see this popping up on more bikes in the future. The end of the chain grease tattoo – who would have thought?