So we’re heading to Interbike next month where we plan on recognizing the best mountain bike products of 2009 while previewing the new 2010 stuff. Based on your reviews we’ve put together a draft list of the best mountain bikes and accessories from ’09 which you can check out right now. The list will be finalized on September 1, 2009.

That leaves just a couple weeks for everyone to get in last minute reviews of their favorite MTB gear. The top products in each category are selected based on a weighted average of the following criteria:

– Average rating in 2009
– Number of reviews in 2009
– Number of member wishlist entries
– Number of members who own the item

If you haven’t updated your lists or reviewed your MTB gear, do it now so your vote is counted! Then be sure to check back in September to see which products make the final cut.

# Comments

  • maddslacker

    Wow, I own just one item from the winners and runners up…I’m such a loser 🙁

  • GoldenGoose

    is there anything specific that would prevent an item from being able to be reviewed? IE: I have tried to get the Hope Pro II hub and the Stans 355 rim included several times with no success. 🙁 Sometimes it’s hard to get a decent stock pic depending on how the manfucatiurers website is layed out. Could that be the root of my problem?

  • trek7k

    I don’t know of any issue that could prevent new products from being added but I’ll look into it. In the meantime if anyone has problems, email us the product details (brand, product title, description, category, msrp, and photo) and we’ll get the gear posted.


  • GoldenGoose

    Just resubmitted those hubs and rims. I think I have better info this time around. hopefully it works.

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