Syncros FL 7075 Riser Bar and FL Stem Review

Have you ever held a bike part in your hand, and the only thing you could think of was how beautiful and elegant it was? I rarely get that way over mountain bike parts because they usually they have a rugged aesthetic that leans more towards tough and burly rather than flowing and smooth. The Syncros FL stem stands apart from other mountain bike parts: It has a gently tapered bi-oval shape that conveys both strength and elegance, and all the clamp areas are smooth and well rounded, ideal for use with carbon parts. In use the bi-oval design is stiff – no visible flex, even during hard out-of-the-saddle efforts.

The Syncros FL 7075 Riser Bar continues the look with a smooth transition from the oversize clamp area to the gently swept bar tips. Opt for the Black Grunge color scheme–both parts have splatters of color that Jackson Pollock would admire.

On my bike, the stock bar and stem were okay, just boring and clunky. Ever since I installed the Syncros parts, I feel like I’m riding a much finer machine. Both parts are very affordably priced for the quality and workmanship, especially when you stand them next to other aluminum parts that cost 30 to 50% more. While the FL series is intended for aggressive XC use, Syncros offers an AM and an FR line for Downhill, All Mountain an Free Riding. Amazingly, the stem weighed exactly the advertised weight (this never happens) of 137 grams. The handlebar weighs a respectable 250 grams, much less than the 375 gram OE grade bar that I took off my bike.

The FL stem has an MSRP of $83.95, on sale now from Outdoor Outfitters for $82.99. The FL 7075 Handlebar has an MSRP of $70 and can be purchased from Competitive Cyclist.