ENVE has a new MTB Stem, in Alloy

Surely you’ve seen an ENVE carbon stem on someone’s bike over the years, with its sleek carbon design and boutique price tag. The Utah-based brand has a new aluminum bar-holder on offer that comes in 35, 50, and 65mm lengths with either 31.8 or 35mm clamps for $125/€145.

ENVE has always made parts from aluminum for their testing and prototype needs, so creating new stems and hubs from the material was a simple step. However, the full production of these stems will not take place in-house. Vice President of Engineering, Scott Nielson, says, “While we certainly have the capability to machine this product in-house, we do not have the bandwidth given our machine shops are at full capacity. In addition, we wanted to forge the billet before machining which allows for a stronger, more fatigue-resistant stem. Given that we can’t forge locally, we have chosen a manufacturing partner who has forging capabilities in-house.”

All of the hardware for this new Alloy Mountain Stem is made of stainless steel to increase its durability, and the steerer-clamp bolts are sunken in to keep them from snagging on shorts or skin.

The 35mm option.

Head over to the ENVE site for more info or compare prices here.