Sweet Protection Dissenter MTB Helmet Provides Quality Protection at a Good Price

The Sweet Protection Dissenter is an appropriately priced mountain bike helmet that offers a quality, base level of protection.

Costs start to stack up when you’re getting into mountain biking. Obviously, a bike is the largest expense, but that’s just the tip of the spear. On top of that, you’ll need an outfit that’ll work for mountain biking, including shorts, an athletic shirt, shoes, and gloves. A hydration pack is a good idea too. And, sunglasses. Of course, you’ll also need a way to get the bike to a trailhead, which can be complicated for compact car owners. Oh, and a helmet. At the end of the day, it all adds up to a pretty hefty price to start riding.

Helmets like the Sweet Protection Dissenter offer riders quality protection for a decent price, that is balanced with good looks, and venting.

Specs and details

  • Half-shell MTB trail helmet / non-MIPS
  • EPS liner with Polycarbonate mono shell
  • 13 vents
  • Occigrip turn dial adjustment
  • Available in three sizes
  • Weight: 327g (medium)
  • MSRP: $120 (available at evo). MIPS Dissenter available for $150 (at Backcountry), junior version available for $80.


Based on the price, features, and simplicity of the Dissenter, at a quick glance, I would categorize it as a trail helmet geared toward beginners who are looking for a base level of protection. That said, it’s great to see how far beginner trail helmets have come. The Dissenter has an aggressive look and protection wraps from above the brow and around the back of the head at the occipital bone.

The pads that wrap around the forehead are pretty soft for the most part but can chafe a little bit from side to side. For the most part, the extended wrap-around coverage that is visible on the outside works just as well on the inside of the helmet.

There are large open vents that strategically open up the rider’s head to the incoming air, aided by an internal channel that brings fresh air around the rider’s temples. It’s not the most well-vented mountain bike helmet I’ve ever worn, but for a trail helmet just above the $100 mark, it works quite well.

Adjustments are made easily with the Occigrip turn dial in the rear of the helmet to bring a tighter fit. It is also easily accommodated to shorter or taller skulls with adjustments on the inside just above the dial. Under the chin is a simple snap buckle with soft fabric. Again, this all adds up to a well-fitting helmet that feels very personable. The only part that doesn’t feel personable is the fixed visor.

Of course if buyers have the extra money, I would always recommend springing for a MIPS-equipped helmet and the up-charge for the Dissenter with MIPS is $40.

Final word

For just over $100, the Sweet Protection Dissenter is a competitive candidate in entry-level helmets. It looks aggressive which will earn points with quite a few trail riders, is well-vented, comfortable, and comes at an acceptable price.

MSRP: $120 (available at evo)

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