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Mountain biking can be a rough sport. Falls and brushes with nature can lead to everything from bruises and scrapes to cuts and shattered bones. For many of us, injuries tend to cluster around select body parts based on our style of riding or failure mode.

So tell us about your go-to injury spots, and the types of injuries you’ve experienced over the years! After completing the survey, you can sign up to win G-Form bike pads and make your most common injuries a thing of the past. 3 winners will be selected and notified on July 22, 2019.

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G-Form makes innovative protective gear that is ultra-comfortable and protective so you can move freely as if you had no gear on at all. It allows you to focus on the ride and stay in the zone while you make your moment.

Thanks to G-Form for sponsoring this survey. Be sure to check out their lightweight, affordable protective gear to prevent future mountain bike injuries!

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    • Paul Moore

      I posted a similar comment… but usually I am cussing at my self!

  • dhermoni

    the place i usually hurt most of all is my ego, all other parts get beat up evenly

  • norwedsh

    Is it just me, or does the math of the results seem a little…peculiar?

    • Jeff Barber

      There’s a problem with the survey plugin that causes it to truncate numbers over 1,000. For example, 1,700 displays as 1, and 2,432 displays 2. The developers are aware but haven’t fixed it yet. 🙁

      The good news is the %s are correct.

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