G-Form Pro Ankle Guard Review

G-Form's Pro Ankle Guard places padding over the bony prominences of the ankle area.

Along with their Elite Knee and Elbow Guards (reviewed separately), G-Form threw in a set of their Pro Ankle Guards. Surprisingly, there’s not a lot of companies out there making ankle protection specific to mountain biking. What few options exist for the ankle are mostly limited to those exclusively specializing in mountain bike body armor. G-Form is one of the companies making armor for just about every body part for a number of contact sports.

Pro Ankle Specifications

  • Body mapped, RPT technology
  • Moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ fabric
  • Low-profile, second skin fit
  • Color: black/yellow, black
  • Sizes: S/M, L/XL
  • MSRP: $29


The Pro Ankle consists of a moisture-wicking compression fabric with an elastic band sewn across the bottom. I’m not sure how many folks suffer from sun exposure to the ankle, but the sleeve is rated at UPF 50+, which is the same material used in all G-Form sleeves. Three pads are sewn directly into the compression sleeve: front or back, medial, and lateral. The guard can be worn either way, protecting the front or back of the ankle.

The G-Form sizing chart uses rider height when selecting the correct Pro Ankle fit, but I found the L/XL a tad loose. For reference, I am 5’8″ and wear a size 8 shoe with a regular-width foot.

Molecular Protection

Like any other G-Form protective, the Pro Ankle employs their patented Reactive Protection Technology (RPT). According to G-Form, RPT is the molecular structure within the padding that “binds” on impact, causing the pad to harden and redistribute energy. When not enduring the stress of impact, the molecules separate from each other, leaving the pad softer and more flexible. The net effect is a pad that, while providing adequate protection, complies with your every move.

The Pro Ankle Guard doesn’t prevent ankle twisting or hyperflexion/extension the way a brace does. I wouldn’t use these if recovering from a previous ankle injury or trying to prevent one. The sleeve simply acts as a place holder for small pads on the ankle’s bony prominences.

Bottom Line

While I didn’t suffer the misfortune of a hard strike to the ankle, I don’t see these guards being highly effective at protecting against such. The Pro Ankle seems more at home with the aberrant trailside scuff or when laying the bike down through a loose corner. That said, with as light as they are, you might find the little protection they do provide a welcome addition to your body armor kit.

Thanks to G-Form for providing the Pro Ankle Guard for review.

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