Stompump Brings Foot Power to the Mini Bike Pump

The Stompump is a portable, mini foot-actuated pump designed for use with mountain bike tires.

all photos: Stompump

We’ve all been there: arms burning, sweat dripping from our brow, cursing as we furiously pump up a mountain bike tire for what seems like ages. Apparently, the folks behind the Stompump feel our collective pain.

Stompump is a foot-actuated mini pump that can be used to inflate mountain bike tires. Foot pumps — even larger ones designed for home or shop use — aren’t all that common, but they do have an advantage over traditional pumps when it comes to preventing arm pump. (See what I did there?) Many cyclists — myself included — are built like T-rex dinosaurs, with strong, powerful legs, and tiny, puny arms. It only makes sense to use that excess leg strength to our advantage.

What makes the Stompump unique among foot pumps is that it is portable, for use on the trail. The unit weighs 185g, and while compact, it’s still bulkier than most traditional mini pumps. For that reason, Stompump offers what they’re calling the “Frame Dock” to hold the pump. As shown in the photo above, the dock mounts to a set of water bottle cage bosses.

The Stompump is said to offer a high-quality, machined-aluminum construction and a high-volume pump body. The hose appears to offer a good length, which can be wrapped around the body of the pump, and the stainless steel head works with Presta and Schrader valves.

Stompump claims the pump is 3 times faster than a traditional mini pump when inflating a 29er tire, though it’s not clear if that’s due to the volume of the pump body, the ability to simply pump faster, or both.

Available on Kickstarter, the Stompump has already surpassed its $10,500 goal five times over with 22 days remaining. Backers can still get the Stompump plus Frame Dock with a pledge of $79, with shipping slated for August, 2018.