SRAM S-1000 Eagle brings Transmission to a lower pricepoint but…

... it's only available to OEM buyers. The upshot: Eagle Transmission on lower-priced mountain bikes!

Almost exactly a year after SRAM released the GX Eagle Transmission wireless drivetrain, there’s an even more affordable version available. However, the only way you can get it is to buy a new bike. Which new bikes will have it? We don’t have a full list, but in two hours you’ll see at least one major MTB release with SRAM S-1000 Eagle Transmission on it.

Like the GX Eagle Transmission derailleur, the S-1000 is rebuildable with a similar overall design as well. The cassette is nickle chrome plated and will presumably weigh more than the GX Eagle Transmission cassette, though SRAM did not provide weights as of press time. The cassette is compatible with splined driver bodies (not XD) just like the brand’s NX and SX cassettes.

The S-1000 Eagle Transmission crankset will be available in 155-175mm crank arm lengths. The crankset features forged aluminum construction and is 8-bolt chainring compatible. An eMTB-specific crankset will be available as well.

All of the S-1000 components are said to be compatible with higher-priced Transmission components for upgrades or replacements down the line. It’s unclear whether there will be an S-1000 level chain or shifter pod.

Since the group is only available to bike manufacturers, there’s no retail pricing to compare to the GX group. With GX Eagle Transmission-equipped bike builds priced under $5,000 from brands like Marin, we can only speculate that S-1000 could show up on even cheaper builds. Will it allow bike brands to offer Transmission builds for under $4,000? We’ll just have to wait and see.