Snow bike

Forget using zip ties to increase your traction; why not get one of these babies! I first read about this on the RockyRoadUk blog and I really got excited when I checked out the Ktrax site. It isn’t obvious from the photos but apparently the front ski and rear track are actually removeable so you can change out your regular mountain tires for gnarly snow riding. Ktrax talks about the advantage of increased traction with the system yet oddly enough, none of the photos on their website seemed show any riders climbing even the slightest incline. Obviously it’s sexy and more fun to go downhill but can’t this thing do more than that? (to be fair the FAQ does state that “if you can ride up it on your bike without snow, you can do it in the snow with the Ktrak”)

I also wonder how your brakes will work with this thing. Obviously there isn’t much a front brake can do with a ski but how about the back? Will the tracks dig into the snow when you squeeze the rear brake? The FAQ also talks about skidding to turn so I imagine the brakes might play a role in that way.

Look for the Ktrax to become available early this year, can’t wait (though I probably won’t get much use out of one down here in North Carolina, except maybe at the beach.)

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