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Sometimes the best gifts are practical ones. Here are 20 mountain bike products we'd actually use or pay full retail price for, especially since each costs less than the average set of mountain bike tires.

Sometimes the best gifts are practical ones. Here are 20 mountain bike products we’d actually use or pay full retail price for, especially since each costs less than the average set of mountain bike tires.

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Topeak Burrito Pack

$39.95 | $29.96 sale

For many riders, the Topeak Burrito might be the thing that finally lets them ditch the backpack or fanny pack entirely. It’s a tight fit, but we managed to cram a full flat repair kit with an extra tube, plugs, sealant, levers, and a small mini-pump inside. Everything is neat and organized, and it plays nicely with most of the dropper posts and bikes we tested it on.

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Ergon GE1 Evo Factory Grip


Ergon made the GE1 Factory Grips with enduro riders in mind, but really, they work well for most trail riders who want to increase hand traction and add some pizazz. Compared to the regular GE1 grip, the Factory has a more aggressive pattern and a softer compound for seamless deathgripping all the way down the mountain.

If you already have a set of Ergon grips but just want the blingy oil-slick clamps, you can buy those separately for $19.95.

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Boeshield T9

$10.99 | $10.00 sale

Boeshield T9 features a unique mix of solvents and waxes to provide both protection and lubrication that lasts. Not only is it designed to repel dirt and dust, it’s also waterproof which comes in handy this time of year.

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McLeod Fire Tool

$56.99 | $39.99 sale

Your local Home Depot may not have one of these, but Amazon does… and they deliver. A McLeod is all you need to start shaping dirt for your backyard jumps and berms. Plus, when you bring your own tool to an official trail work day, you look like the pro that you are.

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Pactimo Transfer C Neck Gaiter


Neck Gaiters are super versatile and these Pactimo ones come in so many different colors. They are lightweight enough to wear around your neck for warmth or pulled up as a face covering.

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CushCore Bead Dropper


What’s worse than struggling to get a tire on or off the rim with a tire insert installed? Feeling arthritic in your hands afterward. CushCore developed the Bead Dropper to get more leverage behind the rim and rubber and to show the tire who the boss is.

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DAKINE Hot Laps 2L Hip Pack

$44.95 | $33.70 sale

This little hip pack is the perfect size for lunch rides or a quick after-work lap. With enough room for a phone, keys, snacks and even a packable layer there’s no need for a bulky backpack. A convenient side water bottle pocket keeps hydration in one-handed reach.

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Troy Lee Gambit Gloves


The Gambit Gloves add some well-integrated protection to keep your hands safe from any scrapes against trees. They have a touch-screen-compatible pointer finger and thumb, making it easy to use your phone to snap a photo or two on the trails without ever taking them off. These gloves come in a variety of colors, so you can complement or add some flair to your riding kit. Read more.

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Photo: Granite Design

Granite Design Rock Band

$9.99 | $9.67 sale

The Rock Band won’t let loose of your tools and tube in the rock garden, as long as it’s set up properly. There’s a velcro inner strap to cinch everything together before lashing it against your frame. The colorful strap material is soft, playing nicely with your bike’s paint job.

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Endura Men’s Bike Boxer Twin Pack


A chamois can make the ride more comfortable for sure and often a thin, lightly padded liner is all you need. This (two-pack!) minimalist liner should fit more like boxers compared to other compressive bike short liners.

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Club Ride Drift Chamois


A comfy and thick 2-hour chamois for ladies. What happens after 2 hours? Don’t worry, you can keep pedaling and it won’t fall apart.

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Pearl Izumi Merino Socks


These socks are incredibly warm, comfortable, and durable, and they fit great even in tightish cycling shoes. Not only that, they’re versatile enough to be worn off the bike too, so fill your sock draw with them!

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Park Tool CC-2 Chain Checker


This simple little tool will more than pay for itself if it means not destroying a perfectly good cassette. Chains wear and stretch over time, and if yours stretches beyond the 0.75 value on the tool, that means it’s time to replace it before it starts to wear out the cassette. No mechanical skills required for use!

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Muc-Off 3X Premium Brush Kit


These brushes and tools work much better for cleaning muddy bikes than your old toothbrush and dish scrubber. The large brush is especially helpful for quickly getting a bike looking spick-and-span.

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Bontrager Thermal Arm Warmers


What if you didn’t need to invest in a second set of long-sleeve jerseys for riding in the fall and winter? With arm warmers, you kinda don’t. Not only that, they’re easy to adjust or stash as temperatures rise during the day and they take up very little room in a pack.

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Honey Stinger Protein Waffles


Most riders are familiar with Honey Stinger’s sweet and crumbly energy waffles for a mid-ride boost. The Protein Waffle wants to make sure riders are ready for the next ride. With 10g of protein, they should help mountain bikers quell their hunger and kickstart recovery right after the ride.

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Fidlock Twist Bottle


Water bottles always seem to get lost, so Fidlock attempts to solve this problem with a clever little magnetic attachment. Their mount uses a standard 2-bolt water bottle pattern found on any frame. To take a drink, twist the bottle off of the magnetic mount, and simply snap on after you’re done.

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PNG Electrolytes Hydration Drink Mix


Keep hydrated and maintain your energy level during the ride with the PNG Electrolytes Hydration Drink Mix. Pick your favorite flavor from Blueberry Acai, Watermelon Cucumber, or Lemon Lime and enjoy a refreshing light tasting mix with all the right ingredients. With only 2g of non-GMO pure cane sugar, all natural coconut powder as the base, and all natural minerals and flavors this is a mix approved for all ages!

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AMS Kickstand


“No bike no like” is how the social media photo rule goes, right? What if there are no sticks to hold up your steed? The AMS Kickstand doesn’t add weight to your bike, and it breaks down Lego-style into a package that will fit in any hip pack or jacket pocket.

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