Showers Pass Transit Jacket CC Keeps Rain and Wind at Bay, Melts Excuses Away [Review]

The Showers Pass Transit CC jacket keeps mountain bikers reliably dry without feeling like they're housed in a slow cooker.
Photos by Mike Cartier

There’s a saying in the outdoor industry: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.” Located in Portland, Oregon for over 20 years, Showers Pass uses their expertise to provide a “bad weather” jacket to assist commuters and outdoorsy folks alike to brave the elements, no matter what Mother Nature has in store. 


The Transit Jacket CC is their newly revamped commuter and multi-purpose jacket designed to thwart any type of wet weather. With a proprietary 3-layer ripstop membrane courtesy of Artex™, the jacket possesses excellent waterproof and breathability qualities. At a high level, the jacket’s skin is designed to provide a permeable barrier to allow body heat to escape yet a physical boundary to keep rain out where it belongs. 

Being caught out in nasty weather isn’t ideal, but you can at least try to remain comfortable. The Transit achieves this by incorporating a couple essential features. The Transit jacket is designed to be worn with layers underneath so that only the neck of the jacket contacts the rider’s skin. Showers Pass lines the collar with fleece to reduce any discomfort or chafing, with the added benefit of adding insulation. 

Materials used to ensure comfort is one thing, but regulating temperature is also key for a rain jacket. A common complaint is to feel like you’re in a sauna as a result of any strenuous activity. With the help of strategically placed vents (one large rear vent and two core vents, sealed with waterproof zippers), Showers Pass aims to keep the humidity in check. 

The Transit is also manufactured with the planet in mind in line with Shower Pass’ sustainability goals. By using non-toxic dyes, otherwise harmful chemicals are removed from the manufacturing process and the environment. 


  • “Full” style fit
  • 3-layer wind/water-proof shell material
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Media-compatible chest pocket
  • Reflective/magnetic dropdown tail 
  • Hood attachment point for optional hood
  • Hem cinch
  • Reflective/adjustable velcro cuffs
  • MSRP: $199 (available online at

Performance & Fit

As a “Full” fitted jacket, it’s highly recommended to analyze the sizing chart and account for the layers you’ll likely wear underneath. I admittedly underestimated the fit slightly and could’ve stepped it down a size. However, this jacket does fit true to size as it’s intended to fit over baggy street clothing. The hem cinch and velcro cuffs are handy and contribute to a more tailored fit as well as sealing out the elements. 

Upon receiving this jacket, my location was still suffering from humid temperatures lingering in the 80’s. Knowing the imminent cold fronts were approaching fast, I was pretty thrilled to put this jacket through its paces. 

As expected, the first cold blast dropped temperatures into the 40’s with howling winds in excess of 30mph, and the rain was pouring in sheets! As someone who enjoys venturing out in foul weather, I figured there was no better way to take this jacket for a spin. After a good hour of hilarious torture, I never once had a breach of moisture from the outside. And not a breath of the tenacious cold, wet air penetrated the jacket’s outer layer. 

My three-mile daily bike commute has also been a pleasant experience with 360° of tasteful reflective trim accents giving me peace of mind on roads plagued with distracted drivers.


While my local climate doesn’t often include cold, wet, and windy weather, I kind of wish it did (don’t hold me to that). This jacket allowed me to play on my bike when nature wasn’t on my side, without returning home soaked to the bone. The Transit kept me reliably dry on every ride and let me go longer without feeling like I was housed in a slow cooker. Evenly distributed and well thought out reflective accents put me at ease when commuting past dark. Simple pockets, generous and useful in size, make this a utilitarian jacket with great attention to detail and build quality.

I haven’t noticed much that can be improved on this jacket as far as features and design. I’d simply note that any consumers take the necessary time to understand the sizing chart. In other words, do your homework and you’ll come away with a great fitting jacket that’ll create more opportunities in what used to be questionable weather. 

Thanks to Showers Pass for providing the jacket for testing and review.