Review: SUGOI RSX Jersey

Along with the RSX Short that SUGOI sent over for review, they included a matching RSX Jersey.


The RSX Jersey from SUGOI is an extremely lightweight, cooling layer. According to SUGOI, the “Icefil® material is moisture reactive and cools your skin temperature with perspiration.”

The Icefil material feels radically different from standard jerseys. The tactile sensation on your skin is silky-smooth, and the material is extremely thin.

Underarm mesh helps further ventilate and cool, and there’s a rear pocket for storing gear during rides.

Out on the Trail

The Icefil material does a great job of cooling, especially in dry conditions. I found the Icefil to work best when used in arid environments, especially hot, desert environments such as Moab. The already dry air took care of the excess sweat, while the Icefil captured a perfect amount of the moisture and made it feel refreshingly cool.

SUGOI also claims the jersey is SPF 50, which further helps ward off the heat of the sun in desert environments. Add in the reflective quality of the white color (the jersey is also available in black/green and blue/red), and I loved shredding in Fruita, Hurricane, and Moab with it.

However, when used in very humid environments (such as summer in Georgia), I found the jersey got extremely sweat-logged and clingy, which was quite uncomfortable. Admittedly, even the best jerseys get soggy when riding in the summer in Georgia: I’ve gotten used to feeling like a drowned rat out on the trail. However, the silky material of the RSX just doesn’t feel very pleasant when overly-soggy.

Also, ladies, take note: a white, silky-thin jersey that’s soggy with sweat doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. Just FYI.

The RSX Jersey includes a zippered rear pocket, but I personally wasn’t a fan. I found the baggy cut of the jersey causes the pocket to sit too low, and anything in it bounced around while riding. Also, the pocket is located in the center of the back and has a zipper on it–basically, it’s impossible to access on the fly. The classic three-pocket design has been around for decades, and it’s easy to see why.

Bottom Line

If you spend most of your time riding in hot, arid environments in direct sunlight (aka the desert), this is the jersey for you! This is probably the best jersey I have ever used for desert riding, and you can be sure that it’ll be on the front line for every trip I plan to Fruita, Moab, and Arizona!

MSRP: $100

Many thanks to SUGOI for sending down the RSX Jersey for review.