Review: Ski Brand Flylow Brings Easygoing Vibes to Mountain Bike Trail Wear

Matt tries out the first trail collection from the ski brand Flylow including shorts, jersey, and packable rain jacket.
Photo: Hannah Morvay.

Many of us are multi-sport athletes. When the trails frost up for the winter, we strap our feet into one wide board or two skinny ones. It helps time go by faster so that we can get back to the good stuff — mountain biking.

I know the brand Flylow from their winter wear and from seeing the logo on others’ legs hanging off the lift. Flylow started when Greg Steen and Dan Abrams needed a pair of ski pants that would hold up to abuse from rough backcountry skiing. There wasn’t a niche of apparel that fit in between mountaineering and skiing. Backcountry ski wear either looked good and didn’t function well, or vice versa.

Steen and Abrams decided to tackle this segment on their own and Flylow was born. Since then, the pair have developed a full winter line, casual wear, and a trail collection for men and women. The Flylow trail collection speaks to a new niche of mountain bike apparel that has grown lately. It’s not racy or competitive and it’s not dorky or Lycra-laden. It’s casual trail wear, since most of us are casual mountain bikers.

Nash shirt

Photo: Hannah Morvay.
  • Polygiene treated for odor-free wear
  • Three colors
  • MSRP: $55

Buy: on sale from $26.83 at REI

Compare Prices: Flylow Nash T-Shirt

The Nash shirt is the perfect example of what I mentioned above. It looks more like a Thursday night, adult league softball shirt rather than a jersey that screams out, “look at me, I race my mountain bike!” This puts it square in the “shirsey” category.

It’s actually more comfortable than any normal shirt or jersey I’ve worn in a while. It has a little bit of weight to it, but doesn’t get soppy with sweat. The Nash stays cool and comfortable and is at home on a backcountry trail or a brewery across the street from the trailhead. Again, it’s really comfortable.

Cash shorts

Photo: Hannah Morvay.
  • Easy to wear with chamois (not included)
  • Velcro cinch inside the waistband
  • MSRP: $90

Buy: from $55 at

Compare Prices: Flylow Cash Shorts

The Cash shorts are Flylow’s trail shorts, great for a Saturday morning rip and easily worn for hours afterward. These shorts land above the knee, but still remain fairly baggy.

The cinch on the waistband makes it easy to adjust and fit for anyone. They button up with a set of plastic snaps on the front. The snaps don’t scream “durable,” but it looks like they’ll hold up fine. Inside the front, right pocket is a smaller velcro pocket closer to the hips for a phone. I keep my phone in the regular pocket, because I don’t want to bother with velcro if I’m checking a map multiple times on a ride. But, it’s there if you want to use it.

A velcro cinch strap on the inside. Photo: Hannah Morvay.

Overall, the Cash shorts seem like a great option for everyday rides.

Rainbreaker jacket

Photo: Hannah Morvay.
  • S/G Lite waterproof fabric
  • Lightweight, packable
  • MSRP: $140

Buy: from $77 at

Compare Prices: Flylow Rainbreaker Jacket

The Rainbreaker jacket is made for changing and unpredictable spring and summer weather. It’s light and packable and easy on the eyes. Taped seams on the Rainbreaker keep everything underneath it nice and dry.

A pull strap on the back of the hood pulls it tight around your dome. Photo: Hannah Morvay.

The waterproof fabric works great and repels water easier than I would’ve thought considering how lightweight it is. I’ll be stuffing this jacket in my hydration pack time and time again for the fitful Colorado weather over the summer.

Final word

Photo: Hannah Morvay.

The Flylow trail collection is a great foray into mountain bike apparel. The collection is comfortable, easy to wear, and not too expensive. All of the pieces feel like they’re high quality and I’m sure they’ll stay strong for years to come.

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