Review: Selle Italia Flite Flow Saddle

If you’re looking for a new mountain bike saddle, the Selle Italia Flite Flow might be just the ticket.

Flite Flow Specs

With an idmatch® of L2, the Flite Flow is designed for riders with large Ischial bones (aka sit bones), with what Selle Italia considers medium pelvis rotation (aka how much you lean forward). During my last review of a Selle Italia saddle, I used an SLR Superflow 145 (L3) with good success.

The new Flite has an all-new lower-profile shape to it. It puts a decisively aero twist on saddle design, and is meant for fast riders. Although it does look thin, and you may think that thin equals no padding, the Flite Flow has a decently-wide (145mm, to be exact) back and good, supportive padding. The 70mm long and 20mm wide cut out helps provide relief for the nether regions.

Covered in Lorica (synthetic leather), the Flite Flow promises to wear for a long while. The underside of the saddle is constructed from a mix of carbon fiber and plastic, adding stiffness where needed.

To attach the saddle to the seatpost, Selle Italia uses Ti 316 (stainless steel stabilized with titanium for supreme corrosion resistance) 7mm hollow tube rails.

All told, the saddle weighs in at 210 grams. Compared to other steel rail saddles, there is a 15% weight reduction and a 25% increase in durability when using the Ti316.

Out on the Trail

I opted to install the Flite Flow on my Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon. Once torqued down, I had no issues with creaking or cracking from the rails on any terrain.

Depending on the length of the ride, I did swap between lined and unlined shorts. Don’t get me wrong, the Flite is without a doubt a comfortable saddle. I just opt for a liner when rides go over 20km long. I prefer to have feeling in my nether regions when the ride is over.

Thanks to the new shape of the Flite Flow, I had no issues with chaffing on the inside of the thigh. As far as the 145 spacing is concerned, I personally am kinda in the middle of an S saddle and an L saddle. Even so, I found the Flite Flow to be very comfortable and I had no issues.

Bottom Line

The Flite Flow is a lightweight, comfortable saddle that holds its own on or off the road.

MSRP: $195

Thanks to the folks at Selle Italia for sending down the Flite Flow for review.

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