Review: Mavic Crossmax XL Pedals

A review of the Mavic Crossmax XL clipless mountain bike pedals.

Historically known for their wheels, in the past two years Mavic has really has ramped up their production on many other items. One such is the collaborative effort between Time and Mavic: the new Crossmas XL pedal, geared towards the enduro/all-mountain crowd.



The Crossmax XL pedal uses a largish carbon body (70x80mm) which is designed to evacuate mud. The platform works well enough for out-of-clip situations.


The retainer spring is incorporated into the design of the Crossmax XL, hiding it from the trail. A hollow 12mm steel axle keeps things straight, and the added seals keep the bearings rolling smoothly.


Using the proven ATAC retention system, you get your choice of either 13° or 17° before pedal disengagement, by simply swapping cleat positions. The cleat allows for 2-5mm of side movement for a perfect foot to pedal stroke, as well as 5° of angular float.

The pedals weigh 385 grams with no weight restrictions (the Ti version has a 90kg rider weight limit).

Out on the Trail


There’s just something that I love about the feel of clipless pedals that flats just can’t provide. For one thing, the added efficiency of a proper pedal stroke allows a rider to last longer since they get the most out of each pedal stroke… and at my age any advantage is welcome! Being clipped in also offers the advantage of being able to pull the bike up and over rocks more easily.

As for getting in and out of the Crossmax XLs, they are pretty straight forward with no little “tricks”–just line up your foot and press down. Simple. To get out, just twist to the side.

Ontario weather is mixed this time of year but it’s mostly dry, so I couldn’t say I was walking in thick mud. The pedals never did pack in with dirt. The best part, though, was how easy it was to clean these. Since everything is sealed, a low pressure hose and bike wash did the job.


Over time I did get a bit of creaking between the pedal and shoe interface. It wasn’t overly annoying, and nothing that affected clip in performance… just a bit of extra noise from the spring touching the underside of the shoe.

Bottom Line

The Crossmax XL pedals held up great, were easy to use, and felt firm under foot with no issues that whatsoever.

MSRP: $249

Thanks to Mavic for sending over the Crossmax XL pedals for review.

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