Review: Hincapie Power GT Bib Short

I’m a self-professed lover of bib shorts, and my never-ending quest for the perfect bibs took me to Hincapie’s lineup and the Power GT. While no longer listed on the Hincapie website, the Power GT is still available via other outlets, and you can rest assured that the same quality and performance that Hincapie Sportswear has infused into the Power GT exists in the rest of their lineup.


The core of any bib is the chamois, and the Pro Tour chamois featured in the Power GT is available in other Hincapie shorts as well. Featuring a one piece construction, the anatomically engineered chamois conforms well to the body shape, and I can vouch for its comfort.


The multipanel design of the legs fits naturally around the body, much like the Power Jersey does. There’s no bunching or undue fabric, and the bib rides close to the body and away from the saddle.

I’ve noticed an unfortunate trend in certain bibs choosing to forgo the leg gripper. In my opinion, the leg gripper is one of the most crucial feature of a pair of quality bibs, helping to keep the bibs in place under normal use and forming a crucial bond when combined with a pair of knee warmers. No gripper=cold knees. I’ve really enjoyed the grippers on the Power GT specifically. Instead of having a single thick silicone band running around the leg, these silicon grippers are instead their own panels, with a thinner yet wider design that is much lower profile. The grip seems just as strong, but the sensation is more dispersed, resulting in a more comfortable fit.


One of the few gripes I have with most bib shorts is that the extra material over the back makes them hotter in warm weather conditions. However, the Power GT combats that classic complaint admirably with Hincapie’s VelociTek fabric back panel and shoulder straps. This tightly-knitted polyester and spandex mesh is extremely thin, providing great breathability. However, it’s proven to be strong yet comfortable through hundreds of miles of riding.


All told, the Power GT has proven to be a thoughtfully-designed pair of bib shorts that functions well through day after day of hard use. Hincapie has seemingly countered every possible complaint I could provide before I even opened my mouth, so I simply have nothing to gripe about: these bibs do the job, and do it well!

MSRP: $180, but since the Power GT seems to have been discontinued, it’s for sale on Amazon for $108.

Thanks to Hincapie for providing the Power GT bibs for review.