Review: Gravity Anomaly Boardroom Jersey

If you like looking good in the backcountry, the Gravity Anomaly Boardroom Jersey is right up your alley.


The Boardroom is constructed from polyester fabric with a little bit of spandex woven in “to allow it to stretch where it needs to,” according to Gravity Anomaly. The Boardroom features a black mesh panel below the arms and down the sides that provides plenty of cool ventilation.

Full-length mesh panel.

Out on the Trail

When I first laid eyes on the Boardroom Jersey, I knew that we would get along well. Generally, I hate wearing anything with a collar, but a bike jersey with awesome venting, relaxed fit, and killer Gravity Anomaly graphics? Sign me up!

As you can probably imagine, this is the perfect jersey for mixing and matching serious on-trail performance with aprés-bike relaxation. Heading to the grocery store, restaurant, or the bar after your ride, and you don’t want to worry about changing? Chances are, no one will even know you’re wearing a bike jersey… unless they get a whiff of your 3-hour-ride stink.

But while the styling is obviously great for off the bike entertainment, how does the jersey actually work on the trail? At first, I was a little worried that it would be uncomfortable or overly hot, but neither of those proved to be the case. The spandex-infused polyester provides plenty of give and stretch when putting body english on the bike, and the full-length mesh side panels coupled with the full-length snap-button front provide loads of ventilation, with the snaps providing as much (or more) air flow adjustment as a standard zippered front. Durability is also first-rate, as I can personally attest to after a few hard endos on the Uncle Nazty trail.

Bottom Line

The Gravity Anomaly Boardroom Jersey combines a casual demeanor with a stylish cut and high-performance materials, allowing you to look good both in the backcountry and at the bar, without ever having to change your shirt.

MSRP: $55

Thanks to Gravity Anomaly for providing the Boardroom Jersey for review.