President Bush Improves MTB Times With 29er


Here’s a quick news item from a couple weeks ago for those of you who don’t really give a s%!t about the Durango to Moab trip.

After realizing that most members of “Peloton 1” (the friends and secret service guys who ride with former President George W. Bush) were riding 29ers, “W” asked the local bike shop in Kennebunkport, ME if he could give one a try. The shop owner called up Niner co-founders Chris Sugai and Steve Domahidy and they showed up with demo in hand for Bush’s regular mountain bike ride.

Mr. Bush is really fast said Domahidy, and a very good technical rider, too. He was flying on the Jet 9 and at the end of the ride said he dropped 3 minutes off of his fastest time!

Not a bad endorsement, even if it came from someone other than the former leader of the free world! Amateurs and pros alike would love to drop 3 minutes off a personal record just by jumping on a different bike. The Niner Jet 9 is the company’s “race ready” bike and offers 3 inches of travel at $1,749 which seems like a steal. I’m guessing they offered Bush a price slightly below retail. 🙂

Bush is a tall guy so it seems like a 29er should be a good fit. I wonder why no one told him about big wheel bikes earlier?

via gearjunkie.

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