In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, Aaron, Greg, and I discuss categories of mountain bike products that frustrate us, including hydration packs, helmet cameras, dropper posts, shoes, and more. It’s not all negative though: we also attempt to offer ideas for improving these products.

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    • bikerboy13

      I use the Camelbak LOBO and love it. The weight of the water doesn’t bother me and the “taste” goes away after a couple of rides. For me cleaning is just rinsing the reservoir out with hot water which is pretty simple.. I don’t maybe some people are just not made to work with hydration packs. The conveniency of them is a huge bonus for me. I love that my source of hydration is a little movement away.

  • Chad Danger

    1. Dropper Seat Posts for sure…..I have returned everyone I have every owned back to the factory for repairs…..How difficult can it be? Seriously, it must be a lot harder than I think I guess. I think at some point somebody is going to come up with a better way to do it. The way they fail is even worse…. slowly ride up and slowly sink down…. I love having one but they are expensive and unreliable. 2. Bleeding brakes could be a lot easier too…. even the best of the systems is still a hassle, bakes should self bleed! 3. Lights…I would love a really nice light system that clicks into your standard GoPro mounts…. they must have them but I never see them. Good podcast….Dropper Seat Posts are a train wreck….heavy, expensive and unreliable …..triple BOOOOO!

  • RidingPastor

    listening to this podcast has made me want a dropper post and yet also not want a dropper post. I agree with you about the hydration packs. I ride in NC and I have ridden long enough and sweat enough that I have drank almost 1.15 liters of water. No ability to add a frame pack or water bottle to my Jamis 650B1

  • bikerboy13

    I think that Trek is 31.6 because the Bontrager dropper only comes in 31.6 so.. im guessing that Trek’s come in 31.6 but i could be long..

  • bikerboy13

    Have you guys tested the Hero5 Black or Garmin Virb Ultra 30? Apparently the quality has improved..

    • Jeff Barber

      I haven’t tried the Hero5 yet, and I’m sure it’s an incremental improvement. Still, every year GoPro and others claim the new cameras are better, and every year I’m disappointed. Maybe this year will be different? I was really stoked for the Karma Drone, but it sounds like that one was also overhyped, but not ready to deliver on its promises.

    • bikerboy13

      Yeah well they rereleased it so im guessing that all the issues that they were having have been resolved…

  • bikerboy13

    Check out OtterBoxes… insane protection for your phone.. although a little clunky…

  • Jabr Net

    What are the hydration flasks you use? I’m looking at doing the same..

  • ahtannerii

    Surprised at the lack of enthusiasm for hydration packs. I ride with a LOBO as well and it doesn’t bother me, but maybe that’s because I always ride with it regardless of ride length. Using it every ride also helps it stay clean and not accumulate any plastic taste. Further, on longer rides, a pack will not feel unnatural and change the balance and ride dynamics.

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