PNW Components Revises Rainier Dropper Post, Gives it Tool-less Travel Adjust

The newest PNW Rainier mountain bike dropper post features customizable travel and a shorter overall length priced at less than $200.
Photos: PNW Components

PNW Components struck a chord with mountain bikers when they dropped the first edition of the Rainier dropper post. It was reliable, affordable, and paired with the Loam remote, smooth and sweet.

PNW sought to maintain these traits with the newest version of the Rainier dropper post and now have their second rendition available, and it is still priced under $200.

On the newest version, PNW incorporated a Tool-less Travel Adjust System. This, they say, is in response to the limited amount of travel options available in most dropper posts. With the new system, the Rainier can be reduced by 30mm of travel in 5mm increments on the post.

Why is this a big deal? PNW says that not all seat tubes on bikes are going to fit a 175mm- or a 150mm-travel post perfectly, and the right size might be in between a post’s offered sizes, like 170mm. Someone can buy the Rainier and adjust it to their legs and their bike within minutes, without tools.

PNW has also shorted the length of the post at the bottom by minimizing the size of the bottom actuator and shortening the lower tube. On a 125mm post, PNW shortened the overall length by 27.5mm. The Rainier still features a sealed air cartridge for reliability, and servicing is still said to take less than ten minutes.

The PNW Rainier is available in 31.6mm and 30.9mm diameters, at 125mm, 150mm, 170mm, and 200mm travel lengths. Without a lever, it costs $180 and is available at and other online retailers.

The dropper post is available on the PNW website with a few different remote options, which are an added cost. The Loam lever adds $60. There is also a drop bar lever available for gravel bikes. A 150mm post has a claimed weight of 575g. The Rainier comes with a three-year warranty. See more at