5 New Dropper Posts Spotted at Eurobike 2016


Gone are the days of one or two dropper posts monopolizing the entire market. While ebikes may have been the main trend on display at Eurobike 2016, after spending some time digging below the electrified surface I spotted five brand-new dropper posts on display—and three of them from brands that didn’t previous offer a dropper post.

e*thirteen TRS Plus


The inaugural dropper post offering from e*thirteen, the TRS plus features all-mechanical internals—a significant difference from the industry-leading dropper posts from RockShox and KS. The post is spring loaded with a cable pull remote, and features stealth routing. Since the post comes with mechanical internals, infinite adjustability isn’t possible—it has stop points at 0mm (all the way down), 110mm, and 150mm (all the way up).

The post will be available in both 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters and weighs a claimed 590g.

MSRP: $279


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