5 New Dropper Posts Spotted at Eurobike 2016

Shimano Koryak


The news of Shimano getting into the dropper post game spread through the Eurobike expo hall like wildfire, because while Shimano has been slow in recent years to pick up on some trends (like 11-speed and now 12-speed), whenever they do finally decide to bring a product to market, it’s typically well refined.


The Koryak features an I-bolt clamping system reminiscent of the Crank Bros posts of yore—but hopefully more user friendly than the previous primitive design. The post features a “secure closed air cartridge system” for infinite adjustability, but it sounds as if return speed won’t be adjustable, without the ability to adjust the air pressure. But there’s a silver lining: no worrying about your post losing air!

The post has the option to be integrated with the I-SPECII brake lever for a clean handlebar setup. Cable routing is internal, and weight is a claimed 520g.


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