Plastic-Free Bike Wash with Punk Powder from Muc-Off

Is it punk because it’s pink, or because it’s against the plastic grain? Either way, Muc-Off has a new bike cleaning product called Punk Powder to fill your reusable spray bottle with suds, and it includes zero plastic material in the packaging or the powder. The cardboard packaging becomes a funnel that you can employ to dump the powder into the water before spraying it on your bike.

The brand says that this cleaning solution, made of 75% plant-based products, is safe for your skin, the environment, and every last part of your precious steed. More specifically, the cleaner is “Alkaline-based and free from alcohol, CFCs, EDTA, solvents, or acids.” While it’s best to scrub the really grimy spots, this cleaner is meant to be sprayed all over your bike after a rinse, let sit momentarily, and then sprayed off for a clean shine.

There are two packets in each box, mixing to make two liters of soapy solution combined. You can pick up a pair of Punk Powder packets to refill your old 1-liter spray bottle twice, for $19.99. Or you can pick up the new, reusable aluminum Muc-Off spray bottle that should be durable enough to last for years.