New Grax Chain Lube Promises Reduced Drag and Long Life

Grax will be offered on pre-treated chains, and in a bottle to be used in tandem with a specially-formulated degreaser.

The folks at Allied Cycle Works have a new chain lube on offer called GRAX that they claim will reduce drivetrain drag for a more efficient ride lasting up to 350 miles between applications.

The brand says that “GRAX is short for gravel wax. This wax-based lubricant is markedly different from anything on the market due to two primary performance properties – its ability to repel water and wattage expenditure both in dry and muddy conditions. It exists to run fast, shave watts, and reduce drag over long distances for racers of all disciplines.”

You can pick up a bottle of this waxy goodness for $20, and the requisite drivetrain cleaner that you’ll need before waxing everything also sells for $20. Alternatively, riders can purchase a GRAX Pack that includes a pre-treated chain with the wax already applied for $75.

Pro gravel racer demonstrates GRAX application in the video below.