The Receptor is a New Semi-Slick Gravel Tire Option from Maxxis

Photos courtesy of Maxxis

Maxxis filled in the semi-slick gap in their gravel tire lineup today with the all-new Receptor. This latest model sits between the Velocita and Rambler in terms of tread patterns, and it’s intended for hard-packed dirt road and light gravel riding.

The tubeless-ready casing includes EXO sidewall protection, with two rubber compounds for maximum grip on smoother surfaces. Receptor tires use a 120 TPI casing that Maxxis claims will reduce weight and improve the overall ride quality.

These rubber circles are available in 650b x 47mm or 700c x 40mm sizes, with black or sandy-tan colored sidewalls. Weights range between 429g for the black 700c version and 484g for either of the 650b diameter tires.

The new Receptor is said to be priced in lockstep with the brand’s Rambler tires. Head over to Maxxis for further details.