It’s Not a Suspension Seatpost: The BodyFloat Kinekt Isolates Vibration

The BodyFloat Kinekt is a tunable, vibration damping bike seatpost.

At first glance, the BodyFloat Kinekt looks like a more complicated Thudbuster seatpost. But Cirrus Cycles, inventors of the BodyFloat Kinekt, are quick to point out their seatpost offers an “isolation system,” not a suspension system like the Thudbuster.

For starters, the BodyFloat Kinect is designed to move vertically, but not horizontally. This means when the system in engaged, the saddle won’t shift back and forth through the saddle’s travel. The BodyFloat Kinect utilizes a pair of springs which can be swapped out based on the rider’s weight and the system is tunable to dial in vibration damping performance.

Because the BodyFloat Kinect is an isolation system and not a suspension system per se, many mountain bikers may not see a benefit. However, for bikepackers and those who pedal rough sections of road or trail over long distances, the BodyFloat Kinect promises to reduce fatigue and improve comfort.

The Kinekt aluminum post is available online for $249 while a carbon version is priced at $329 USD. Weight starts at 453g for carbon and 515g for the aluminum post.