News: Saris Super Bones Bike Rack Announced

The original Saris Bones.

The Saris Bones bike rack is perhaps the best selling rack of all time with more than 1 million units sold. The distinctive and sleek look sets the rack apart from traditional designs, and clearly consumers dig it. On Friday of last week, Saris unveiled a new version of the Bones called… the Super Bones.

The latest iteration really focuses on strap management and improvement with an integrated spring-loaded ratcheting mechanism and fortified straps. Imagine inserting a retractable tape measure into a Bones rack to keep straps nice and neat when not in use. The spool doubles as a ratchet for getting the rack tight on the vehicle, and there’s even a locking door covering the ratchet to deter theft. Check out the video below to see the strap mechanism in action.

Speaking of theft deterrents, the straps on the Super Bones feature four steel cables woven inside to make cutting the straps more difficult. Impossible, no. But hey, maybe it will slow rack thieves down enough that you can put down your post-ride burger and chase them out of the parking lot.

The footpads (the legs that actually contact the vehicle) have also been redesigned and are said to fit more vehicles than ever. Saris tests their designs on as many vehicles as they can get their hands on, often resorting to combing the junkyards to check older vehicles.

No word on pricing yet, as the Super Bones is still undergoing field tests.