New Rims and Wheelsets From Stan’s No Tubes

The Stan’s No Tubes company has been saving mountain bike rides for almost twenty years now, and they recently made some updates to their rims and hubs for an even better tubeless system. With multiple MTB rim models to choose from and a new e-bike approved hub design, there’s a set of circles for every riding style in their lineup.

All of the updated rims feature Stan’s asymmetric tire-bead bed and nipple drilling that allows for a solid tubeless seal and balanced spoke lengths for a dialed wheel system. The brand says that these most recent updates with their Crest, Arch, and Flow rims address common issues with asymmetrical rim shapes, “such as being more difficult to inflate, being more prone to air loss due to unequal bead retention, and being more likely to be dented by impacts. As a result, the new MK4 and S2 model designs give a balanced pressure along the drive and non-drive-side tire beads and consistent impact resistance on both sides of each rim.”

Crest MK4 rims are designed to fit tires from 40mm to 2.3″ wide in their 25mm bead channel. They come in 20″ to 29″ diameters, using 6069 aluminum with welded seams to hold it all together. Arch MK4 rims spread out the internal measurement to 28mm, fitting well with 2.2″ to 2.5″ rubber, while the updated Flow rims will fit 2.3″ to 2.6″ wide tires. Stan’s says that the MK4 rims and wheelsets will be available in late 2021, with single rims retailing for $129 in the US. The MK4 wheel sets are said to “feature an entirely new M-Pulse hub design that will be shared with all Stan’s high-performance aluminum and carbon wheels.”

The S2 series of all the same rim designs are made from a slightly heavier 6061 alloy, and Stan’s says they are well suited for the heft of e-bikes. Full S2 wheelsets will retail for $595.00 with a set of the new E-sync hubs. The fresh hubs have “a 47% increase in max torque load capacity over Stan’s previous Neo hub” and 8.18 degrees of engagement. The endcaps and freehub from the E-sync hubs are compatible with Stan’s Neo hubs.

Head over to the Stan’s No Tubes website for additional info.