New GoPro Hero7 Camera Promises Gimbal-Smooth Video, Hands-Free Operation

The latest GoPro -- the Hero7 -- is here, and promises gimbal-like stabilization plus voice control and other features. Prices start at $199.

GoPro seems to come out with a new camera around this time each year, and if I’m honest the last few releases have been pretty underwhelming. But if the Hero7 is able to deliver on even half of the company’s marketing claims, this might just be the camera we’ve been waiting for.


Cameras like the Rylo and even GoPro’s own 360-degree camera offer up pretty smooth footage, even without a gimbal. Now the Hero7 promises the same gimbal-like stabilization in a more traditional, and more affordable, package. The sample videos look great so it appears GoPro may have finally nailed it.

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Unfortunately only the most expensive “Black” edition ($399 MSRP) features HyperSmooth technology. Check out the sample below.

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Voice control

Siri and Alexa can do it, and so can the new Hero. The Hero7 is wired to recognized 16 different commands, and it even speaks “bro” apparently, tagging particularly awesome clips whenever the wearer says, “That was sick.” (Seriously.) This could be a game changer for anyone who regularly wears a helmet camera and gets sick of fiddling with unseen controls.

Even the least expensive Hero7 “White” ($199 MSRP) includes voice control.

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Waterproof, GPS

Like the previous edition of the GoPro, the Hero7 is waterproof without a case up to 33 feet deep.

GPS is included starting with the mid-range model, the $299 “Silver” Hero7. Both the Silver and Black models shoot in up to 4K resolution.

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More details at The Hero7 can be pre-ordered now, and should begin shipping on/around September 30.