New Fox GRIP Dampers Promise Lighter Weights, More Adjustability

Fox has updated their fork dampers with new Grip X2, Grip X, and Grip SL offerings.
All photos and videos provided by Fox.

Fox just launched a new family of Grip dampers for their line of suspension forks with improvements across the line from gravity to XC.


The Grip X2 damper is designed for Fox 34 (OEM only), 36, 38, and 40 forks and is the most adjustable of the three new/updated dampers being released today. Grip X2 is said to be more tunable than the Grip 2 thanks to a bigger base valve diameter and the use of 23 valves, up from seven previously. The updated damper is also said to allow for faster response time thanks to improved pressure balancing. Unlike the other two new Grip dampers below, the X2 adds about 20g of weight compared to the equivalent Grip 2 damper.

The Fox Grip X2 damper features hi and low speed compression and high and low speed rebound adjustments. Compared to the Grip 2 damper, Fox says there should be less “cross-talk” between the settings. Available in Fox Factory and some Performance Elite models.


The new Grip X damper offers slightly less adjustment than the Grip X2, offering high and low speed compression settings but just one rebound setting. The upshot is it’s 120g lighter than the X2. Look for the Grip X damper on Fox 34, 36, and 38 (OEM only) forks. Available in select Fox Factory and Performance Elite models.


For even more weight savings, Fox has the Grip SL damper. The three-position lockout is remote compatible and the damper is said to be 60g lighter than the Fit 4. Grip SL dampers will be available on 32 Taper Cast and 32 and 34 Step Cast forks.

Pricing and availability is not available as of press time but we’ll update once we receive that information.