The Updated Fox 36 Fork Sheds Grams for Lighter All-Mountain Builds

Yes, that’s Greg Minnaar’s left foot.

All-mountain is a term that’s never truly found its footing in the mountain bike world, possibly because it’s too general. Today it’s being used by brands like Fox and Öhlins to describe the intentions of their 36mm-stanchioned forks that offer between 150 and 160mm of travel. Both brands have limited the travel for these forks, giving the 130 to 140mm range to the 34mm stanchions on their “trail” forks, and pushing the longer 170mm-180mm travel measurements into their 38mm upper tubes.

The most notable change for this latest model is a redesigned crown that Fox says has “updated design and engineering for more steer tube overlap improving durability and maintaining stiffness while dropping 20 grams.” Hopefully, the test of time will tell us that this change results in fewer sounds coming from the crown. The 36 also sheds grams at the hub with a Kabolt X floating axle system that drops the clunky quick-release handle.

The fork’s lower leg bypass channels and bleeder valves that were new on the prior update remain, as do the FLOAT EVOL air spring and GRIP2 damper. A 29″ x 160mm version of the new Fox 36, with a 165mm steerer tube and star fangled nut installed weighs a reported 1942g.

Unlike the last 36 update, this one doesn’t look to come in a special-edition color; just black and orange from what we’ve seen. Pricing will remain the same for this updated model.