New Competitor in the Drivetrain Market: Box Components

Box Components new 1x11 drivetrain
Box Components new 1×11 drivetrain

Box Components has been working on this drivetrain for years now, but it’s looking like it’s nearing production. In fact, Box says it should be available by the end of 2016.


They had a demo on display at Sea Otter so folks could try out their unique Push-Push shifter. Instead of using two paddles on the shifter -à la SRAM and Shimano – Box uses a single paddle. To shift into an easier gear, it’s just like any other shifter you’ve used. But, to shift into a harder gear, you actually push the lever inward, towards the stem, using the tip of your thumb. While that may sound confusing, it takes no time to get used to. After a few times up and down the cassette, it felt totally normal.

Push like a regular shifter for an easier gear, push in for a harder one
Push like a regular shifter for an easier gear, push in for a harder one
A look at the rear derailleur
A look at the rear derailleur

Of course the rear derailleur uses a clutch for chain retention, but it also has a spring-loaded cable stay which Box calls PivotTech™. The little arm that holds the cable will breakaway in the event of a crash to hopefully prevent destroying the derailleur. Box will offer two cage length options–a short cage with a 36T max, and a wide-range cage that goes up to 44T.

Retail prices are $50 for the shifter and $125 for the rear derailleur.

Your Turn: What do you think? Are you glad to see someone else entering the drivetrain arena?

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