New Affordable Dropper, Smart Bottle Cage, And Internal Routing Tools from Pro

Pro introduces a more affordable dropper post, a Smart Bottle Cage, and tools for internal cable routing.

Clearly, the folks at Pro / Shimano have been busy during the pandemic. The brand showed off a wide array of new products at Eurobike this week, and these are the four items that mountain bikers will be most stoked to learn about.

New LT Dropper Posts

Pro already offered a couple different dropper posts, including the Koryak which we reviewed last year, and this year they’re adding the more affordable LT Dropper Post to the line. The new post will be offered in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters, with 150mm of travel. There are internally and externally routed versions of the post, and while US pricing isn’t available yet, it should come in under the $270 price point where the Koryak currently sits.

Pro Smart Bottle Cage

Similar to Topeak’s Ninja series, the Pro Smart Bottle Cage features mounts for most necessary tools and supplies. All decked out, the Smart Bottle Cage can hold a bottle of water, a mini pump, tire levers, a spare tire (likely a small one), and a multi-tool like the new 9-function tool shown above, right. Another cool feature is the height and direction of the bottle holder can be adjusted to fit many frames with limited clearance.

Pro Internal Routing Tool

Perfect timing! Gerow was just talking about what a pain it is to deal with internal cable routing, and now Pro has a tool that just might make things a little easier. Not only does it have bits and bobs for snaking shifter cables, dropper cables, and brake hoses, it also has tools for dealing with electronic shifter and e-bike wires.

Pro Stealth Off Road Sport Saddle

Pro is also adding a more affordable option to the saddle line with the Stealth Off Road Sport Saddle. The brand says the new saddle is “designed for gravel riders and mountain bikers, [with a] short nose, [and an] anatomically cut design [that] allows mountain bikers and gravel riders to get deep into the saddle when they need to grind out the power.”