Mountain bike lifestyle clothing

We recently came across a website selling mountain bike lifestyle clothing called Evomo (though we’re not quite sure if the name has any specific meaning). It’s surprising we haven’t seen anything like this before, though the classic “Singletrack Mind” shirt could be considered a trailblazer in this area. There are already lifestyle brands and micro-brands associated with extreme sports like skateboarding (DC shoe, Zoo York, etc.) and surf (OP, Quicksilver, etc.) but few mountain bike brands come to mind (Pearl Izumi?). The mountain bike brands that are around tend to focus on performance gear rather than lifestyle, and that’s a shame.

DH Descent T-shirtWomen's Cross Country MTB Shirt

Seeing the designs over at Evomo inspired us to come up with a few humorous mountain bike t-shirts of our own, though our design skills are little match for even a 13-year old kid on a Tandy. Here are our two favorites:

We would love to hear about any other micro lifestyle brands in the mountain bike world, mountain bikers deserve cool stuff too!

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