Most expensive bike. Ever.


These days it seems like there are few safe places to put your money – the stock market sucks, houses aren’t selling, and even the price of oil is falling. Fortunately Aurumania has just the thing for the investor or the biker who has it all: a gold plated and crystal encrusted bike. Every visible surface of the fixed gear track bike is plated in 24-caret gold and comes complete with a leather Brooks saddle and the head tube is adorned with Swarovski crystals. The price? A mere $124,888 at today’s exchange rate. But you better get your order in soon – this baby is a limited edition and only 10 bikes will be made. The price includes “white glove delivery” anywhere in the world so at least shipping is free 😉


I’m really hoping Aurumania decides to come out with a mountain bike next. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d ride the Aurumania Gold Bike Crystal Edition (the official name) EVERYWHERE – trips to the post office, Sunday brunch, and even off road from time to time. Crazy? No way – Aurumania provides a 10-year no questions guarantee so even if you scrape the frame or lose some crystals on the trail they’ve got you covered. But if the bike were fitted with some knobby tires and a few gears it would be WAY more practical…


Aurumania also sells a gold plated bike rack if you’re interested in displaying the bike. I’d like to see Yakima come out with a gold plated version of the Steelhead (the Goldhead?) so I could drive my Aurumania bike around town with me. Anyone want to go in with me to buy one of these babies?

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