Lost a Valve Stem for Your Tubeless Rims? Orange Seal Has You Covered

All of this comes in the 2-valve kit.

If you’ve been running tubeless tires and rims for any length of time, chances are you’ve lost at least one of the valve stems that came with your wheels. Don’t feel bad, it’s easy to do, especially when changing a tire trailside. But finding a replacement valve stem that fits your rim’s profile can be tricky as each manufacturer utilizes a slightly different setup.

These are just a few of the tubeless valves in my collection. Note that all 3 have a different configuration based on a specific rim profile.

For this reason, Orange Seal recently added the Removable Valve Core (RVC) kit to their lineup. The shop kit includes multiple valve stem lengths, a couple different rim gaskets, and all the other parts like O-rings, valve cores, nuts, and caps to fit nearly any tubeless rim. The company will also offer two-valve kits for consumers with stems in various lengths (short, medium, and long.) Pricing is TBD but look for availability in October.

A “two pack.”