Loaded Precision MTB Components: AmX Stem & Bars + X-Lite Seatpost

While talking with Tony Elsworth at Interbike back in September, Jeff and I were introduced to Paul and Michael from component company Loaded Precision. It turns out Tony loves including Loaded products on his Ellsworth bikes and we could instantly see why: these components combine equal parts bling and high quality shredding potential. Loaded Precision prides itself on producing components that are good looking, lightweight, and precisely constructed.

Rather than just taking Tony’s recommendation at face value, I snagged a stem, bar, and seatpost to test and review (it also helped that the colors match my Banshee Legend II almost perfectly). Loaded Precision’s dedication to quality components is evident in the fine details like the chamfered edges on all the cuts as well as titanium bolts included standard on the seatpost.

Beyond its super model good looks, Loaded Precision’s AmX Direct bolt-on stem ($90 MSRP) isn’t all show. At 154 grams it’s one of the lightest stems out there for the type of high speed gravity abuse it’s designed to take. The bolt pattern works for all Fox, Rockshox, and Manitou forks with a direct mount 4-bolt pattern. Manufactured using a CNC machine, each stem is constructed to the same exact dimensions as the one before it for repeatable precision and performance.

Since the AmX stem is a three piece unit, precision is certainly key. This stem requires careful attention when installing: first, the upper fork crown must be installed before anything else happens. This step is crucial as the bolt clearances on the stem are tight with very little room for error. With a stem like this, the best thing is to snug up the bolts on the bar and make sure everything is lined up before torquing anything down.

Speaking of handlebars, I’m also rocking the AmX bar which is designed to take whatever ill-gotten evil you find in your way. A full 31″ wide (790mm), this bar looks like it can span the Mississippi! As such, the AmX bar is definitely a freerider / DH oriented bar. Made from 7075 aluminum, the AmX handlebar combines high-performance strength and durability with lightweight construction – it weighs just 328 grams. With a one-inch rise and 8 degrees of back sweep and 4 degrees up sweep, I’ve lucked out with the perfect bend, keeping my wrists comfortable and in control.

The X-Lite seatpost ($80 MSRP) is a single-piece post and unlike most, it hasn’t been bonded or welded together. The X-Lite is first 3D forged and then CNC turned and milled, making it one seriously state-of-the-art post. A two titanium bolt clamping system gives you a nice way to fine tune your seat angle. At 280 grams it’s pretty light too; the two titanium bolts are equal in weight to one single steel bolt. The post is 400mm long so it was a pity to cut the post down to size to fit my bike but you gotta do what you gotta do. I topped off the X-Lite with my WTB Valcon (titanium rails) for a creak-free set up.

Loaded Precision components come in no less that seven colors to match your build and they also produce wheels, headsets, pedals, and seatpost binding clamps. Check out Loaded components today and see what may just be on your bike tomorrow. You’ll be surprised at what a bit of color can do for your ride!

Thanks to the folks at Loaded Precision for sending down the components for review.