Lindarets Has Two Trailside Tools That Use Your Thru-Axle for a Handle

Photos courtesy Lindarets.

Even the most prepared mountain biker can’t carry a tool for every possible mechanical job on the trail. Sure, a multi-tool covers most tasks, but few riders bring a center-lock rotor or a crank tool, mainly because the handles are generally too long and too heavy. Lindarets has come up with a solution to this dilemma: use the thru-axle as a handle!

The brand recently announced two small tools in the Terske collection that can be torqued using a standard 12mm thru-axle. The Travel Disc Brake Rotor Lockring Tool (available at Amazon) works to tighten a center-lock disc brake rotor lockring and weighs just 17g. And the Travel 6/8/16mm Hex Tool (36g, available at Amazon) packs three common sizes for tightening crank arms trailside. The 8mm side should also come in handy for pedals which often need the torque provided by a longer-handle tool to free them up.

Each tool retails for $24.95, and Lindarets notes your axle bolt should be fairly sturdy, with at least 3mm-thick walls, so it doesn’t get bent in the process. More info and buying options at

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