Light & Motion Seca Enduro Mountain Bike Light Review

With a 2500Lm max the Light & Motion Seca Enduro bike light steps closer to a reasonable amount of light for night racing and sundown to sunup rides.

With 2500Lm of max brightness the Light & Motion Seca Enduro steps closer to a reasonable amount of light for night racing and sundown to sunup rides. In the high mode the battery charge lasts for over two hours, and at 1250Lm it will go for a full five hours. If you’re racing a 24hr event with teammates, that might be enough to light up the whole night. For longer rides and races, the low power mode offers 625Lm for 10 consecutive hours, and if that’s not enough you can have backup batteries for $149.99 each.

Light & Motion Enduro specs

  • 2500Lm max brightness
  • Weight: 114g (Light only) = 21.93Lm per gram
  • Runtime: 2500Lm = 2.5hrs, 1250Lm = 5hrs, 625Lm = 10hrs, pulse = 60hrs
  • Mounts: Handlebar and helmet included
  • Price: $399.99 MSRP
  • Buy from Backcountry or compare prices

Like the Hope R2i light, this power pack requires a special cord to charge, but if you’re packing a light this powerful you will likely have time and planning lists to help remember the cord. The Light & Motion Seca Enduro comes with a battery, a sturdy helmet mount, and the same long strap handlebar mount as the Light & Motion Seca Comp 2000, leaving nothing extra to purchase unless you need another battery pack.

The beam of this light is definitely one I’d like to race by, giving some credence to its race-genre name. It broadly opens up the dark forest before you and reaches ahead to the coming lines of a racecourse. Where some high-powered mountain bike lights operate as a massive battering ram to blast everything with glow, the Seca Enduro has a more refined beam that spreads out just enough to make the trail safe without wasting energy illuminating things that the rider doesn’t need to see. It provides more than enough light for the fastest descents on the 1250Lm setting, saving some extra power for foggy or otherwise low visibility conditions.

Pros and cons of the Light & Motion Seca Enduro bike light


  • Long battery life in the medium brightess mode
  • Refined beam pattern
  • Long strap mounts to bars or helmet


  • Overkill for most casual night rides