Legit Carbon Full Face MIPS Helmet From Bluegrass Eagle Is Feature-Packed and Ready for Impact

European brand Bluegrass makes a lightweight, carbon, full-face mountain bike helmet that offers MIPS protection and good ventilation.

Bluegrass Eagle sponsored rider Isabeau Courdurier, on stage two of the final EWS round in 2018. The race in Finale Ligure was sponsored by Bluegrass and SRAM.

Bluegrass Eagle is a subsidiary of well known MET Helmets, both based about an hour north of Milan in Talamona, Italy. For the past several years Bluegrass Eagle (Bluegrass for short) has been designing all manner of mountain bike protection, including knee and elbow pads, back protectors, protective shorts, gloves, and a line of full face and half-shell helmets.

Last spring Bluegrass released a new carbon version of their Legit full face helmet. The Legit Carbon was tested on the heads of legends Tracey HannahMick Hannah, Sam BlenkinsopIsabeau Courdurier, and Brett Tippie. The pros gave it the green light, and now it’s our turn to bang this helmet around.

The overall profile of the Legit Carbon is decidedly sharp.


I left a little mud in place, so you know what it will actually look like in its element.

It seems I have a head shape and size that is not considered by most full face helmet engineers. Often the largest size available is painfully tight in one or two spots. This is not the case with the Legit Carbon. This skull-saver fits comfortably tight, without a single pain point. I prefer helmets that fit well enough I can forget about them while riding. For my bobblehead, the Legit Carbon is the closest a full face has come to being forgotten.

In addition to feedback from riders, the design team at Bluegrass destroyed over 200 helmets in their test lab to create this shape.

The chin bar sits a comfortable 4-5cm from my nose, and the bottom of the helmet covers all of my face, including my scraggly bird’s nest of a beard. The fixed visor is angled high enough that it is barely visible, creating a massive field of view that is wider than my field of vision. The only part of the helmet I can see when looking straight ahead is a small bit of the chin bar and the tip of the visor.


The extensive list of fine details for this helmet is a testament to the amount of time and care that went into designing it. The cheek pads snap in and out easily, which is a welcome feature for enduro racers who climb armor-clad in the summer heat.

All of the padding can be removed and cleaned.

Even the chin straps are wrapped in removable padding. There is no excuse for this helmet to stink.

The Legit Carbon employs a traditional D-ring chin closure. In this price range, a lot of manufacturers are using a Fidlock or similar quick-release system. This is one element of the helmet I would like to see swapped out.

The edges of the helmet are all well wrapped, with no foam or exposed padding to scuff up. Beneath the padding, the MIPS:E2 liner employs two pieces of multi-directional stretch fabric, stitched over a thin plastic foil. This system “provides broad coverage for rotational impacts without sacrificing comfort or sweat absorption.”

Three large vents situated beneath the visor provide ample airflow. The visor is designed to release on impact, keeping it from forcefully rotating your head if you hit the dirt.

  • Exact weight: size XL 1204g, including a couple grams of the mud and sweat
  • Price: 450€ / £400 / $499 (Fiberglass version is €200) Only available in Europe.
  • Sizing: XS (52/54), S(54/56), M (56/58), L (58/60), XL (60/62)
  • Colors: Red/Black, Yellow/Black, White/Black, Stealth Black (shown)
  • ASTM certified
  • MIPS:E2 liner
  • Includes a sturdy padded helmet bag with an internal goggle pocket.

These small insect screens in the chin bar are a nice touch. One less bug in my mouth is always appreciated.

This helmet is a collection of well-conceived features. Some riders may not appreciate the fixed position of the visor, though the angle is high enough to make space for either your goggles or strap. Bluegrass makes a clip-on camera mount that customers can purchase separately.

On trail details

The broad field of view leaves room for whatever goggles or sunglasses you prefer.

Given its otherwise robust build, the Legit Carbon feels light and cozy while riding. The weight is well balanced, allowing the helmet to remain where you put it at the top of the track. The chinstrap sits in a comfortable spot and doesn’t interfere with your ability to breathe naturally when it’s strapped down tight.

The shell is vented well enough that you can feel the airflow over your head while descending. On ascents, it is as steamy as any other full face brain-saver. There are five vents on the rear, three under the visor, three in the chin bar, two just above the brow, and two directly over the ears. The ear vents are a unique addition, allowing you to better hear the important things. For example, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!”

I have been riding the local tracks near my house with this helmet since it arrived, and apart from the antiquated chinstrap closure, I have only good things to say about it. The fit is dialed, ventilation is better than expected, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and it has truckloads of protection technology to save my brain.

There is one local track in particular that I like to test on, plainly called “Trail 61.” The descent lasts roughly 20 minutes from top to bottom, with several minutes of grunt-climbing mixed in. At full gasp, I am cooked by the time I reach the bottom, often covered in mud and sweat. This helmet has made a recognizable difference in moisture management and visibility on that near-daily lap.


Courdurier throwing rocks down the ultimate stage of the 2018 EWS, while wearing the French flag as a cape.

If you are on the hunt for a top-shelf, lightweight, gravity helmet that also looks sweet, this one should be atop your short list. The forgettable feel of the helmet makes it a great choice for enduro and trail riders who want to protect their teeth. Small, 2cm sizing increments allow you to select a helmet that precisely fits your head. If the price is beyond the edge of your budget, check out the non-MIPS fiberglass version.

We would like to thank Bluegrass Eagle for sending the Legit Carbon for review.