KOKUA has a new “Full Supension” Balance Bike for 3-year-olds and Up

This kids bike is designed to smooth out the bumps and deliver the stopping power fast tykes need.

Pedal-free, balance bikes offer a great way to introduce kids to get started biking at an early age. Without pedals, these stripped-down bikes don’t give tiny riders a platform for absorbing bumps with bent knees, nor do they connect with coaster brakes for slowing fast descents. KOKUA has an answer with their latest “full suspension” bike, the LIKEaBIKE Jumper 14.

Without a suspension fork, technically it’s not a full suspension bike, and the rear squish is provided by an elastomer and pivot system rather than an actual air or coil shock. Still, the frame is said to flex and take some of the sting out of bumps while the rider is seated.

Following on the heels of the original LIKEaBIKE Jumper, released in 2005, the LIKEaBike 14 introduces bigger, 14″ wheels and tires and also a hand brake, making it a good choice for older kids. KOKUA says the LIKEaBike 14 is designed for riders ages 3-9, up to 65 pounds.

In addition to the elastomer rear end and hand brake, the LIKEaBike 14 features a unique steering damper to keep the front wheel pointed (mostly) in a straight line.

The KOKUA LIKEaBike is priced at $399, pricier than more basic balance bikes from other brands. Learn more or purchase online at kokuabikesusa.com.