Kali Protectives Launches New Skate Style Helmet

Kali Viva

Kali Protectives just announced a new skate-style helmet, the Viva, that seeks to lower the profile of traditional skate style helmets. The company claims it’s “the most technologically advanced BMX/Dirt Jump helmet ever made,” all for just $50 MSRP. The Viva has been 3 years in the making and utilizes the company’s Composite Fusion technology.

The Viva is the best helmet we’ve ever created that no one will ever give a shit about, but that’s ok. We designed this helmet for us. We wanted a helmet that was as comfortable and low profile as a non-certified skate helmet, but integrated all of the top tier safety technologies from our motocross line.

Watch the video below for a colorful interview with Kali Director of Engineering, Brad Waldron for more details about the design behind the Viva helmet.

No word on when this will hit the street yet.

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