iXS: Protection, Style, and More!

iXS is a brand that has been around in Europe for a long time. How long? Since 1906 (!) when they started out as a bike and motorcycle repair shop. In 2001 the iXS Sport division came into being and along the way iXS picked up management for not one but four major European mountain bike series’. As organizers of major race events, iXS definitely gets all kinds of valuable feedback from hundreds of pro riders every year. Riders like Darren Berrecloth, Richie Schley, and Roger Rinderknecht all use iXS equipment. And extreme riders like Josh Bender and Hans Rey contribute their valuable insight and experience to the product development as well.

For 2011 there are tons of really cool items for both him and her. The new Downhill, Backcountry, and LaidBack outer wear is pretty cool and there are enough styles and colors for both sexes. Not only will you look cool on the outside but feel cool on the inside with the use of mesh inserts strategically placed to extract heat PLUS extra deep fabric construction to help absorb moisture. The jerseys even sport an integrated cleaning cloth.

Other highlights include Ventimesh backing material on jackets and some awesome looking, tough, and abrasion-resistant DH shorts that shouldn’t tear when you fall. The Backcountry and LaidBack shorts are also pretty hot – you definitely need to check these out in person if you can. Find the closest iXS retailer and try them on for yourself.

Now the really big thing with iXS is their protective equipment (something close to my heart). The company offers several levels of protection, with everything from Pro level DH / FR use, to soft protection that a technical trail rider could wear in case things get sticky. The Battle gear (which I’m hoping to test and review soon), is FR-style armor with a ton of features and adjustments to make it fit perfectly. I’m told the base layer is made from a very breathable fabric that improves cooling and air flow. All hard points are appropriately sized to ensure they cover the intended parts like the shoulders and spine without feeling uncomfortable or awkward.

Check out the iXS website for yourself for more information and great looking products for both men and women.