Goodyear Introducing All-New, High Performance Line of Mountain Bike Tires

Goodyear has just launched an all-new line of mountain bike tires, including the Peak for XC mountain biking, the Escape for trail/enduro, the Newton for enduro/downhill, and the Newton-ST for enduro/downhill.

Goodyear Escape. All photos courtesy of Goodyear

The first tire Goodyear ever produced was a bike tire. The year? 1898. Now, 120 years after that first bike tire offering, Goodyear is launching a line of all-new mountain bike tires. While the brand currently sells budget mountain bike tires through department stores, the new line of tires appears to be designed with serious riders in mind.

Goodyear has designed these new tires from the ground up, including crafting their own rubber compounds. In their press release, Goodyear claims, “MOST tire brands do not develop their own compounds, and have little control over the final ingredients of their compounds.” In contrast, “the compounds here are our own, we developed them, and they can ONLY be found in Goodyear tires.” The mountain tire line features four different compounds for various blends of traction, rolling resistance, and durability.

Goodyear Peak XC Mountain Bike Tire

The Peak is a died-in-the-wool XC race tire. “A round profile, close-spaced tread, and supple casing contribute to low rolling resistance, while ample traction and braking performance are delivered thanks to siping on every knob and its multi-dimensional Dynamic:A/T compound,” according to Goodyear.

The Peak offers a “full 3-piece protective casing,” and is available in both Premium and Ultimate levels. It’s offered in two sizes, 27.5×2.2″ and 29×2.2″, and is designed to work with a 25mm internal rim width. The Premium will retail for $60, and the Ultimate for $70.

Goodyear Escape Trail/Enduro Mountain Bike Tire

Goodyear describes the Escape as a “broadly capable trail tire available in a wide range of fitments.”

“Widely spaced, carefully siped square knobs generate edge-to-edge grip, sophisticated rubber compounds ensure traction across a broad range of terrain, and durable casings offer security wherever the trail may lead,” according to Goodyear.

The Escape features a full 3-piece protective casing, Goodyear’s Dynamic:R/T compound, and it’s available in both Premium and Ultimate levels as well. The Escape is offered in more sizes than the Peak, compatible with a variety of rim widths: 27.5×2.35″, 27.5×2.6″, 29×2.35″, and 29×2.6″. With both EN and standard models crossed with the four tire sizes and two levels, the Escape is available in 8 different variants ranging in price from $65 to $80.

While Goodyear adds the “enduro” label to this tire, the tires further down this list appear to be much more enduro-capable.

Goodyear Newton Enduro/Downhill Mountain Bike Tire

The Newton steps up the aggressiveness significantly and is offered in Enduro and Downhill varieties. It features “a deep tread, stoutly supported side knobs, and advanced compounds,” according to Goodyear.

The “EN” version features a 1.5-ply enduro casing, and the “DH” version features a dual-ply casing. The tire is offered in both Dynamic:R/T and Dynamic: RS/T compounds, as well as Premium and Ultimate levels.

The Newton is offered in four different sizes: 27.5×2.4″, 27.5×2.6″, 29×2.4″, and 29×2.6″. Thanks to two different casings, two different levels, and the four different sizes, the various combinations add up to at least 12 different variants of the Newton, ranging in price from $70 to $90.

Goodyear Newton ST Enduro/Downhill Mountain Bike Tire

Finally, the Newton ST is an iteration of the standard Newton, with the ST standing for “Steer.” This tire is optimized for the front of the bike, with lower profile center knobs for faster rolling speed. The tread profile is also bigger than the standard Newton, with wider spacing, which is great for sloppy or loose conditions.

Here’s how Goodyear describes the tire:

“From aggressive trail riding to the demands of downhill racing, the Newton ST delivers fast-rolling performance, superb braking traction, and aggressive cornering bite. Low profile, horizontally siped, ramped center knobs reduce rolling resistance, while tall, arch-supported side knobs provide ample braking and cornering grip in all trail conditions.”

Like the standard Newton, the Newton ST features a 1.5-ply casing for the enduro version, as well as a dual-ply downhill casing option. The compounds are also Dynamic:R/T and Dynamic: RS/T.

The Newton ST is offered in four different sizes: 27.5×2.4″, 27.5×2.6″, 29×2.4″, and 29×2.6″. Thanks to two different casings, two different levels, and the four different sizes, the Newton ST is available in at least 12 different variants ranging in price from $70 to $90.

No tire weights are available as of press time.

All tires will be available starting in Spring 2018.

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