The Remount: New Bar Remote Mounting Doohicky from Lindarets

ReMount v8 Specialized Command

Calling the Remount a doohicky isn’t meant to diminish the utility of this product in any way: I’m actually really stoked to see something like this! Bar clutter is increasing, and it’s only set to get worse as we add remotes for everything from dropper posts to suspension to electronics.

The Remount attaches to your handlebar and essentially adds a mounting point that’s oriented perpendicular to the bars. This places lockout and dropper remotes in the same orientation as shifter paddles, which keeps riders’ hands in better contact with the bars. Not only that, as many riders drop the front derailleur altogether, there’s a natural position for these additional levers.

Molded from Coated in Delrin, the Remount is designed to avoid damaging your bars in a crash and weighs just 20g. There are indentations along the length of the Remount to provide various mounting positions depending on the remote you’re working with. To me, having all these indentations just begs for multiple remotes!

This is certainly one of those “why didn’t I think of this?” products for me, and I’m excited to give it a try. You can order the Remount from the Lindarets website for $19 including shipping.

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